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Bridging vision
& impact

Hi! We are Integral; a collective of boundary-pushing specialists bridging creative vision and digital impact.

Authenticity guides our exploratory approach into uncharted territories, transforming imaginative concepts into impactful, digital experiences, that deliver measurable results. We seamlessly synthesise innovative creativity and technical precision to manifest digital solutions that redefine excellence.

[Core ethos]
[Core ethos]

Curiosity-driven innovation.

Our journey began in 2018, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a relentless pursuit of innovation. We thrive on conquering challenges, continuously raising the bar and pushing ourselves to grow with every project.

Form meets function.

We craft digital experiences that spark conversations, inspire action, and captivate users. Striking aesthetics meet meticulous craftsmanship to create a web of unexpected interactions that compel and convert.

Trust built on integrity.

Honesty, empathy, and transparency form the bedrock of our approach, allowing our work to resound powerfully through its influence. The name Integral embodies our immutable dedication to upholding integrity across every facet of our operations.




[Future vision]
[Future vision]

Navigating the
digital renaissance: a
co-intelligent journey.

In the evolving human-machine landscape, we see culture as a catalyst. Our vision is to leverage technology to create experiences blending human creativity and machine intelligence, fostering a symbiotic journey.

We believe in utilising technology as a means of expression, empowering individuals to communicate unique perspectives in unimaginable ways. We aim to create a digital canvas for collaboration, experimentation, and co-authoring new realities.

At the outset of a digital renaissance, we embrace opportunities and challenges ahead. With curiosity and innovation, we're ready to navigate this world, shaping a future where technology and human experience harmoniously intertwine, opening new realms of possibility.

Your Voice.

Our Expertise.

[Key differentiators]
[Key differentiators]

Founder-led expertise.

Our founders personally lead our dynamic dedicated design teams from the front. Each team combines diverse expertise to ensure your project benefits from a wealth of experience, as well as a broad base of perspectives.

We embrace agility and adaptability; building on a core team of trusted experts, we collaborate with a vast network of specialists to deliver solutions tailored to your evolving needs.

Future-proofed solutions.

We design for resilience and build to last. Our focus is on scalability and long-term viability, ensuring your digital presence and products can evolve seamlessly in sync with your business goals.

Dynamic Minds.

Unified Vision.

  • Founder

    Tom Eaton

  • Founder

    Einav Perets

Meet the founders.

At the core, creative problem-solvers and visionaries unite. Our founders merge multidisciplinary expertise reimagining art, tech and human experience. Inspiring excellence with a growth mindset, they drive our cohesive ensemble to deliver landmark solutions that redefine possibilities.

Driven by a team of diverse digital artisans who share a passion for innovation, Integral collaborates to push boundaries and explore the possibilities of the digital realm.

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